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Trail Chef: 100 simple and delicious recipes for hiking, camping and backpacking

by Tanya Krezevska

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This book contains 100 recipes for camping, short hiking and backpacking trips. The recipes are easy to follow, do not require any extra cooking skills and take from 10 to 20 minutes to prepare. No dehydrator needed. All products used could be easily  found on supermarket shelves.

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trail-tested recipes for everything from snacks to desserts

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colourful pictures

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easy-to-follow instructions

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both metric and imperial measurements

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complete nutritional information for every recipe

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no dehydrator required

ratings and reviews:

by Sierra Davis, Seatle Backpackers Magazine Author - Aug 4, 2015

The books go into much more detail than the app does and are great reads, especially if you’re interested in nutrition. Tanya has done a great job, both in the app and the books, with meals made with natural, real foods and ingredients. No harmful preservatives, no fillers or artificial colors, just natural good eats. Read more...

by Jaraat - Apr 8, 2015
Must have book
" I love Tanya’s books – simple, super-easy to understand, with plenty of tasty recipes for everyone, starting from amateur and up to cooking expert. Must have for everyone who spends time outdoor. Short trail walker, hardcore 6 month hiker – you will find this book useful. Buy and enjoy! "

by Hiker Bc, Goodreads, - May 17, 2015

by MidgetButterfly - Aug 25, 2014
Not your typical "Ramen" and "Tuna" recipe book

The format of the book is well organized and easy to follow. I particularly like that they included not only the typical nutritional information for each recipe, but also information concerning the weight of each meal by serving and the utensils required to prepare it.

The high-level synopses of my review is that I think this would be a nice recipe book for people who are not looking for the typical “top ramen” and “tuna” trail meals and intend to “car hike” or have the means to carry larger weight packs (equine or mule packing).

A large percentage of the recipes require more than your typical backpackers cooking utensils (frying pan, outback oven, spatula…) and fresh foods (ghee, vegetables, bacon, lamb…). While these would be very nice and tasty on the trail, they would also be more limiting to a long distance or thru-hiker that is uber-conscious of the weight of their pack.

by Alex is a god  - Aug 19, 2014

So Simple, Yet The Tastiest Recipe's!
I cooked a Moroccan Spiced Tuna Couscous from the Trail Chef book today. I was amazed that something which took 5 minutes to prepare and not even 10 minutes to cook could taste soooo good! Plenty of variety to spare you from the same old trail foods and enough recipes to make a 3 course meal if you please. Some of the ingredients for a few of the meals were a little hard to find in my local Australian supermarket though. If you are seeking something new and a little adventurous in the outdoors, then Trail Chef is the cook book for you.