Taste Test: Lyofood Goulash Soup

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The Lyofood Goulash Soup is a classic Hungarian style meal cooked with tender pork meat, tomato puree and vegetables. Made with natural ingredients only, it is full of flavor and tastes like Mamma’s home cooked food.


The meal pouch is light in weight (111g/3.92oz) and flat in shape, which makes it convenient for packing and storing. The pouch is also resealable so you can keep your food hot for longer.
By tearing off the notch below the zip lock, you can make the pouch shorter for more comfortable eating even with a regular sized spoon.


According to the information on the package, to prepare the meal it’s necessary to add 420 ml or 1.7 cup of boiling hot water, which can only be measured in field conditions by a visual examination. A little spill and the dish could be ruined. The presence of clear markings inside the package would help ease the process.

After 10 minutes of steeping, almost all of the ingredients were well rehydrated except for the meat – some pieces were still hard, so I let them sit in the pouch for another couple of minutes.

lyofood goulash soup


It was the tastiest and most complete meal I’ve ever enjoyed. Although it was soup, it was more like a stew in its consistency. Surprisingly flavorful and quite thick, with large pieces of meat and vegetables, it is a well-balanced and satisfying meal. The only thing I would add to it is a little salt. But this is a matter of taste.

Portion Size:

500g when rehydrated – a big enough portion to feed one hungry hiker.

Nutrition Data:

One portion of Lyofood Goulash Soup provides 310 calories (79 calories per ounce), which is relatively low but does provide enough energy for starting or finishing your day on the trail. This soup would be ideal for lunch or as a starter dish before a main dinner meal.

Lyofood Goulash is low in saturated fat (1.2g) and sugar (8g), contains a moderate amount of carbohydrates (24g) and almost half of the protein daily norm (32g).

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