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Barocook Flameless Cooker BC-007 Review

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What is a Barocook? A Barocook is an innovative and reliable cooking system that offers quick and easy way to heat food and drinks anytime, anywhere without an open fire or gas stove. If you are hiking in the mountains, biking, fishing or just travelling, you can prepare a hearty meal within minutes and without…

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The Biolite CampStove Bundle Review

Biolite campstove, how to use biolite stove

I have been dreaming about the BioLite CampStove since I saw it the first time at the OutdoorShow in 2014. I was really impressed with its nice ergonomic design and of course, all its innovative functions. With the BioLite CampStove Bundle you can boil water, grill your food, roast marshmallows and even charge your phone…

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