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Dehydrating123: How to Make Instant Hummus

dehydrating hummus, dehydrating123

Hummus has become a favorite no-cook food for hikers over the last few years and there is a reason for this. This rich and creamy dip made from chickpeas, sesame and garlic is absolutely delicious and loaded full with essential nutrients. It is an excellent source of protein, good carbs, fiber, minerals and B-group vitamins.…

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No-Cook Backpacking Breakfast: Dehydrated Yogurt

dehydrated yogurt, how to dehydrate yogurt, no-cook backpacking breakfast

At home, I often have yogurt for breakfast. It is tasty, healthy and does not take long to prepare. It’s a pity, I thought, that I couldn’t eat it while hiking. However, my craving for experiments in the kitchen and the desire to eat my favorite dishes on the trail took over and soon a solution…

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No-Cook Breakfast Ideas: Trail Smoothie

trail smoothie

A smoothie is an excellent option for a quick morning meal or a snack on the trail. You can make it in minutes before leaving the campsite and sip it on the go. What is a smoothie? A smoothie is a thick shake type drink made from blended fruit or vegetables and other nutrient-dense ingredients such…

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10 No-Cook Backpacking Food Ideas

Easy Sausage and Cheese Platter, no-cook backpacking food

No-cook backpacking food has become more and more popular among hikers in recent times. Camping without a pot and stove gives them more freedom and flexibility – they can spend more time outside looking at mountains without worrying about camp kitchen setup and cleanup. I would say that this approach is okay if you are…

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