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How To Choose a Backpacking Stove (infographic)

how to choose a backpacking stove, backpacking stove, camp kitchen, outdoor cooking gear reviews

Buying a new backpacking stove is an important decision. But how to choose the right model from the numerous options available on the market? There is a quick and easy guide to help you get the stove that fits your needs and budget. First and most important step in a stove selection is to determine…

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Optimus Vega Stove Review

optimus vega stove review

Summary: The Optimus Vega is a 4-season remote canister stove that is easy to set up and fun to cook with.  It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much room in your backpack. Yet despite its small size and weight, the stove is stable enough to hold a large pot or frying pan due to good…

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