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Meal Planning for a Multi-Day Hiking Trip. Part II

meal planning for multi-day hiking trip

In the previous post, I described our approach for choosing “what to eat while on the trail” and shared our backpacking menu for a multi-day hiking trip in Sarek National Park. Further preparation and organizing food for an adventure in the great outdoors can be divided into several stages: 1. Creating a Grocery List &…

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Backpacking Meal Planner: New Subscription Plan

online backpacking meal planner, backpacking menu

We are super excited to share that we’ve just launched a new subscription plan for Online Backpacking Meal Planner!  We’re very proud of this release and we’d like to thank everyone who helped us build and test it! Named “Thru-Hiker”, the new plan comes with some improvements and a bunch of new features, and will…

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