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No-Cook Breakfast Ideas: Trail Smoothie

trail smoothie

A smoothie is an excellent option for a quick morning meal or a snack on the trail. You can make it in minutes before leaving the campsite and sip it on the go. What is a smoothie? A smoothie is a thick shake type drink made from blended fruit or vegetables and other nutrient-dense ingredients such…

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Backpacking Oatmeal: 5 Creative Variations

backpacking oatmeal variations

Oatmeal, probably,  is the most popular backpacker’s breakfast. But how to eat it every morning and do not get bored ? Be creative! Make your own blends with instant oats and combinations of dried fruits, berries, nuts, herbs and spices. Flavour up your oatmeal every day in a different way. There are some combinations you…

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