Pumpkin Gnocchi

Pumpkin Gnocchi

Luscious pumpkin gnocchi with sage butter for your fine dining on the trail

servings: 1 | calories: 301 | cooking time: 15 min | weight: 97 gr / oz
Category: dehydrated, dinners, italian, lightweight, vegetarian

nutrition info:

calories: 301, protein: 14.3 g, carbs: 40.9 g, fat: 20.1 g, sugars: 7 g, sodium: 320 mg

you'll need:

2 tablespoons pumpkin powder
1 tablespoon whole egg powder
4 tablespoons all-purpose flour
Salt, to taste
1 tablespoon ghee
1/2 teaspoon dried sage
1 tablespoon freeze-dried grated Parmesan cheese

at home:

Mix all ingredients for dumplings in a zip-lock bag.
Pack other ingredients separately.

on the trail:

Gradually add 1/4 cup water to the pumpkin gnocchi mixture, 1 tablespoon at a time.
Knead a soft, slightly sticking dough.
Roll the dough into two ¾ inch (2cm) “sausages”.
Cut each into “pillows” ¾ inch (2cm) wide.
Bring 2 cups water to a boil in a pot; add a pinch of salt.
Pour the gnocchi in and cook until dumplings float to the top. Drain.
Return pot with gnocchi to the heat.
Add ghee and sage, cook, stirring for 1 minute until  the ghee is melted.
Remove pot from the heat.
Sprinkle gnocchi with Parmesan and serve.


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