Good Food for Outdoor Adventures

this book presents 100+ lightweight, yet tasty recipes for hikers, campers, paddlers and other outdoor enthusiasts

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191 x 226 mm (7.5 x 8.9 in)


232 pages


full color

this book will help you

prepare lightweight , quick and delicious meals on the trail

make muffins, breads and other baked treats in the backcountry

start dehydrating food for backpacking meals at home even you have never done this before

plan and organise food for a multi-day trip in the wilderness

book's features

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trail-tested recipes

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both metric and imperial measurements


clean design

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complete nutritional information for every recipe

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beautiful photographs and infographic

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step-by-step guides on dehydrating food

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easy-to-follow instructions

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helpful trail baking hints and meal planning tips

look inside

about the author

Tanya Krezevska is an avid hiker and founder of Trail Recipes, a food blog dedicated to all outdoor enthusiasts.

After 20 years of a successful career in sales and marketing, Tanya turned her passion into a profession – she got a diploma in culinary arts and became a Trail Chef.

Her recipes have been published in Seattle Backpackers Magazine, MSR Drink Lab, Outdoor Adventure Guide Magazine, Go Outdoors Camping Cookbooks, TGO Magazine and others.

what do people say

Outdoor Adventure Guide

One of the best outdoor cooking books in our ever-expanding library, this features 100 lightweight recipes for the trail.
Reading it made us very, very hungry! 

by Amazon Customer

One of the most helpful sections of this trail recipe book is the food planning chapter. Full of helpful advice on preparing and packing meals, this chapter also provides multi-day meal plans. The meal plans ensure you take healthy food on your trip and that you have the calories to complete your journey. If you are looking for awesome food ideas for your summer outdoor adventures, this book is for you!

by Dutch Franz, Seattle Backpackers Magazine Author

The book is beautifully illustrated, well organized, and easy to follow.  A particularly helpful feature of Tanya’s book is the calorie count and prepared weight of each meal.  There is also a balanced blend of vegetarian and vegan recipes include in the book for those looking for meatless options  Read more...

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