Launching New Online Backpacking Meal Planner

In order to continue easing your trail food planning process, we launched a new online tool that will help you create backpacking menu in just a few clicks. You will no longer need to waste time searching for recipes, compiling Excel files and counting food weight and calories. Our Backpacking Meal Planner will do it for you.

How it works

We tried to simplify the interface as much as possible, making it intuitive and convenient. To add a meal to the plan, only 3 easy steps are required:

  1. Set the number of days for your trip
  2. Choose the day and course
  3. Select the meal you like from our more than 150 recipes and over 200 trail-ready meals and add it into the day of your choice. That’s it.

You can see the number of calories and total food weight by clicking “Summary” section in the Meal Planner toolbar.
To learn more about how the planner works just start to use it for free and without any registration!

Were you benefit or why should you get the Meal Planner

With this new online tool you can:

  • Significantly speed up the creation of backpacking menu;
  • Get the info about weight and calorie-density of the food/meals you’ve selected;
  • Adjust your meal plan to suit your special dietary requirements including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc.
  • Customize your meal plan with mix-and-match recipes and ready food combinations;
  • Search, plan and shop online for trail-ready meals in one place.

How to get Backpacking Meal Planner

With two different subscription plans we offer, you can choose the one that suit your needs best. Take the guesswork out of what to eat on the trail – get the Backpacking Meal Planner now!

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