food dehydrating class

everything you need to know to get started with drying your own food for the trail

What is food dehydrating class?

Our food dehydrating class it’s a set of fully illustrated, comprehensive guides with step-by-step photographs.

The course contains 35+ lessons with easy-to-follow instructions for dehydrating everything from fruit and vegetables to meat, fish, pasta and cooked grains.

how to dehydrate pasta step 2, dehydrating123, dehydrating pasta for backpacking meals
dehydrating cauliflower step 3
dehydrating green beans
dehydrating123, how to dehydrate mushrooms, dehydrating mushrooms
dehydrating pumpkin step2
dehydrating onion step2
dehydrated cauliflower rice step 1
dehydrating carrots step 4
dehydrating peppers step3

in this class, you will learn how to:

choose the best food dehydrator

dehydrate fruits, veggies, meat, fish and other foods at home

safely store and pack dehydrated food for backpacking trips

create tasty and nutritious snacks and meals for your wilderness adventures

what you'll get

 well-structured guides

downloadable materials

lifetime access

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60+ dehydrated meal recipes

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step-by-step photographs

multi-device compatibility

look inside

how to get access to the class

1. Click the "enroll now" button anywere on this page

2. Pay with Paypal secured checkout system

3. Log in and join the class

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