Trangia Multi Disc Review

trangia multi disc review

The Trangia Multi-Purpose Disc is an extremely useful addition to your backcountry cooking set. If you are a backpacker who likes to spend time preparing food outdoors, then you’ll instantly know how handy this plastic disc could be.

You can use it as a colander, as a cutting board, as a stove stand for use on snow or as a surface for kneading and rolling dough for backcountry bread.

The Trangia Multi-Purpose Disc is made from heat-resistant and food-contact approved polyamide called PA66. Do not use the disc as a lid while cooking, it can melt if it comes in direct contact with the heat source.

trangia multi disc review

Trangia Multi Disc is extremely compact and durable. It takes up no extra space in your backpack if it packed together with pots and pans of the same diameter.


We bought the Trangia Multi Disc several years ago from a specialized retail store to complement our Trangia Tundra 1 non-stick cook set.

trangia multi disc

Field Data:

The Trangia Multi Disc has been tested on various camping, hiking and backpacking trips. The most recent were multi-day hiking trips on the Isle of Skye (Scotland) and in Sarek (Sweden). In all of them the Multi Disc was very useful and performed as expected.

Tech Specs:

Manufacturer: Trangia AB, Sweden
Average Price: 19 USD
Size: available in 2 sizes: 27 – 7″ (Ø 18 cm) and 25 – 8.25″ (Ø 21 cm)
Weight Listed: size 27 – 73g; size 25 – 83g
Material: Polyamide


  • Multi-purpose, versatile accessory

  • Works with other non-Trangia pots in similar diameter

  • Compact

  • Durable

  • Has a special slot for pot/pan handle

  • Protects the frying pan coating from damage during transportation


  • Couldn’t be used as a pot lid during the cooking

  • Not suitable for an ultralight backpacking

Best Uses:

Camping, gourmet backpacking and short hiking trips

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  1. Jasper on May 20, 2020 at 10:32 am

    Which Multidisc do you use combined with your Tundra pan? The 27 (small) seems to be too small and the 25 (large) too large for the frying pan that comes with the Tundra set.

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