Gear Review: Kovea Power Nano Stove

kovea power nano stove review

The Power Nano Stove is a completely new model in Kovea‘s top mount canister stove range. Lightweight and compact, it features an excellent wind performance and durability. When folded, the stove takes up a minimum space in your backpack, while hard carrying case helps to prevent the stove from being damaged on the go.

kovea nano power stove, outdoor cooking gear review

A well-designed “blow torch” type burner head provides even heat distribution and gives plenty of power for rapid water boiling. I’ve tested the stove in real field conditions with the air temperature ranging from 0C to +8 . . . +10C and at room temperature. The Kovea Power Nano Stove averaged 4 minutes to boil 500ml of water in a thin, hard-anodized aluminum pot.

Four pot supports (120mm in diameter) ensure extra stability and safety even for a large pot or pan. A folding flame adjustment knob provides excellent simmer control.

kovea nano power

Despite on manual ignition and the absence of the windscreen, Kovea Power Nano Stove is a great option for cooking delicious meals whenever you are.

Field Data:

I used Kovea Power Nano Stove on several hiking trips so far. It performed very well and became one of my favorite pieces in my camp kitchen collection.

Tech Specs:

Manufacturer: Kovea
Average price: 38USD
Dimensions: 9.10” x 8.60” x 2.60”
Weight listed: 3.3 oz / 94 g
Actual weight: 3.35 oz/ 95 g
Fuel: Iso-Butane (Screw Type Gas Canister)
Includes: Stove, hard carrying case


  • Lightweight
  • Extremely compact
  • Easy-to-use even for beginning backpackers
  • High flame output
  • Stability
  • Durability


  • Windscreen not included
  • Manual ignition

Best uses:

Long distance backpacking trips

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