Barocook Flameless Cooker BC-007 Review

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What is a Barocook?

A Barocook is an innovative and reliable cooking system that offers quick and easy way to heat food and drinks anytime, anywhere without an open fire or gas stove. If you are hiking in the mountains, biking, fishing or just travelling, you can prepare a hearty meal within minutes and without any hassle with a Barocook.

It works by using a common and relatively safe chemical reaction from Calcium Oxide (quicklime). All you need to do in order to have your meals hot is to activate the heat packs by adding a little water or snow.

Field Test

I had a chance to test the Barocook flameless cooker during my car trip to Sarek National Park and back to Riga. I used it mostly for heating water and rehydrating freeze-dried meals for 2 persons and was totally hooked on the simplicity and ease of use of this magical pot.

What’s inside? (Barocook components)

The Barocook Flameless Cooker BC-007 set includes: stainless steel inner container, plastic outer container, neoprene outer cover, silicone lid and one 50g heat pack.

barocook components

How To Cook With A Barocook

The Barocook is very easy to use:

Step 1
Open the heating pack and place the quicklime pad into the outer container. Fill up the empty heating pack with water (the amount of water you will need is marked on the back of the heating pack). Pour the water on top of the heating pad.

Step 2
Pour your food and water, if needed, into the inner steel container. Place it inside the outer container. Put the lid on and close tightly. Let the steam cook your food for about 6 – 20 minutes.

barocook flameless cooking system, outdoor cooking gear review

Step 3
When the food is cooked, open the lid and enjoy your meal.

Caution: The inner container will become very hot when heating your food.

What can you cook with a Barocook?

With a Barocook you can heat ready-cooked meals, cook instant food such as noodles, rice and pasta, or rehydrate freeze-dried meals.

Tech Specs:

Manufacturer: Saram Co., Ltd.
Dimensions: 185 mm x 135 mm x 125 mm
Volume: 1200ml
Lid – PP
Outer Container – PC
Gasket – Silicone
Inner Bowl – Stainless steel
Weight listed: 483g
Actual weight: 536g
Average price for cooking set: 59 USD
Price for heating packs: 19.95 USD (pack of 10)


  • Easy to use.
  • You can cook inside your tent with a Barocook.
  • Environmentally friendly: the heating packs contain naturally occurring minerals and can be disposed of as ordinary household trash.
  • Can be used in National Parks and other regions where open fires aren’t possible or forbidden.
  • Works well in low temperatures.
  • Ideal solution for emergencies.


  • May not be suitable for a long hiking trip because you need to pack up used heating pads. One used pad weights about 150g. So with each meal your backpack becomes heavier.
  • Barocook pots and heating packs are not available in some regions.
  • Heating packs are quite expensive.

Best uses:

Winter hiking, travelling, emergencies

Suitable for:

Short hiking and camping trips, winter hikes

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  1. Newton Revell on September 30, 2023 at 11:34 pm

    I use the 900ml round Barocook pot very often. Being handicapped, I cannot stand at a stove long, so this allows me to heat a pot of food quite as well while seated. It works as advertised, though occasionally a heater pack doesn’t heat as well as I’d like. Adding a bit of salt to the water seems to help it, an old trick the GIs use for military MRE flameless heaters.

  2. Beth Catt on January 7, 2021 at 1:16 am

    I would use it for emergencies such as winter power outages,storms in spring, and any other emergencies that might come along, great to have for peace of mind

  3. nwetzig on November 30, 2020 at 6:16 pm

    How cool! Thank you for this review! I have been road tripping instead of flying this year (because of covid) and this looks like the perfect stove alternative. I’m excited about the possibility of cooking in the tent (or even the car??) as the weather gets colder 😀

  4. Barocook USA on November 26, 2016 at 5:40 am

    Great review of the Barocook USA Flameless Cookware. In fact there is no better time or way to enjoy the revolutionary new flameless cookware. Join our newsletter for free give-aways and discounts. The product is so simple to use yet so universal in it’s application. It’s not just for camping, hiking, adventurers or travelers; its uses are endless. Simple, Safe, Portable, Eco-friendly, and Flameless!

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