holiday gift ideas for trail chefs and gourmet backpackers

Do you have friends or loved ones with a passion for the outdoors and good food? Wondering what to get them this Christmas? Below are some of our favorite tools and gadgets that might be a thoughtful gift for trail chefs and gourmet backpackers.

1.GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set 24
A must-have kit for all outdoor enthusiasts who want to take their trail cooking to the next level.

Average price: 54.95 USD

2. Kikkerland Metal Shot Glasses
Portable stainless steel shot glasses for a great party in the great outdoors.
Average price: 13 USD


3.GSI Outdoors – 30 Fl Oz JavaPress
Excellent gift for hot, fresh coffee lovers on-the-go.
Average price: 37.90 USD

4.Recipe Book: “Good Food for Outdoor Adventures”
In this book you’ll find recipes for quick, satisfying and delicious backpacking meals as well as food dehydrating and trail baking guides.
Average Price: 17.00 USD (including worldwide delivery)

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5.Barocook Flameless Cookware System
Average price: 29 USD
A Barocook is an innovative and reliable cooking system that offers quick and easy way to heat food and drinks anytime, anywhere without an open fire or gas stove.

6. LightMyFire FireSteel Magnesium Firestarter
The fire starter makes it easy to light a fire or stove, in any weather at any altitude. Ideal for campfires, barbecues, on camping holidays, for survival trips or as an outdoor emergency accessory.
Average Price: 18.99 USD

7. Four-Season Backpacking Stove Kovea Spider
Average price: 59.95 USD

kovea spider stove

8. Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker
Compact, lightweight and versatile handheld espresso machine.
Average price: 79.90 USD

nanopresso, portable espresso machine, wacaco, portable coffee maker, backpacking coffee

9. Snowpeak Titanium Mug
Ultralight, compact and extremely durable titanium mug that will last forever. Double wall construction provides great insulation, making it comfortable to hold and keeping your favorite drink warm until the last drop. It’s so good that, probably, it will be the last camping mug you’ll buy.
Average price: 44.95 USD

10.Gsi Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist
A Superior backcountry cooking set for those who are  looking to minimise the size & bulk of their camp-kitchen.
Average price: 95 USD

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