Trail Food Finds: Peak Sherpa Tsampa Cereal

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When you are heading out on the trail, you want food that is lightweight, made very easily, high in calories and of course, delicious. No need to cook, tasty and packed full with essential nutrients, Peak Sherpa Tsampa is the perfect fuel for your outdoor adventures.

What is Tsampa?

Tsampa is a type of flour made from sprouted and roasted barley. For thousand years it was a food staple of Tibetian and Nepalese people. Thanks to its high fiber content, prebiotic resistant starch and plant protein, Tsampa provides you with long lasting energy and keeps you feeling full and satisfied.This is why Sherpa climbers have extraordinary strength and endurance – they eat it every day!

Nutritional benefits

Consuming Tsampa offers many health benefits. Here is why you should add it to your backpacking ration:

  • Tsampa contains more dietary fiber and lot less sugar than oatmeal;
  • It’s packed with essential minerals such as manganese, selenium, iron, zinc and copper;
  • Tsampa is a rich source of vitamin E and B-group vitamins;
  • It is low in gluten, and boasts prebiotics to improve gut health;
  • It has a lower glycemic index, which helps to stabilise blood sugar;
  • Combined with ghee, it is a good source of energy. One serving (1/3 cup) of Tsampa with milk and butter provides 330 calories!

How to cook and eat Tsampa

Sherpa Peak Tsampa comes already cooked, so it just needs to be mixed with an equal amount of hot or cold water, milk, or yogurt. Traditionally, Tsampa is served with black tea, a pinch of salt and butter made from yak’s milk. It can also be enjoyed with other sweet or savory ingredients such as fruits, nuts, cheese and vegetables. Tsampa makes a great addition to your morning smoothies, soups, stews or baked goods.

Taste test

Peak Sherpa Tsampa cereals come in five different flavors: Traditional, Apple Cinnamon Pecan, Cherry Almond Cranberry, Chocolate Almond, and Toasted Coconut.

Traditional: Made from Tsampa itself, rolled barley flakes, and a touch of Himalayan Sea Salt. It’s quite neutral in taste so you can enjoy it savory or sweet.

Apple Cinnamon Pecan: Warm and satisfying cereal made with organic dried apples, pecans and a dash of cinnamon.

Cherry Almond Cranberry: Delicious, with just the right amount of sweetness and a slightly nutty texture.

Chocolate Almond: Tasty and filling with a rich chocolate flavor. This is definitely my favorite one.

Toasted Coconut: Creamy, not too sweet with a delicate flavor and the crunchy texture of toasted coconut chips. To increase calories and create a more pronounced coconut flavor, make the cereal with coconut milk.

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