Trail Food Finds: Paleonola Granola

What is Paleonola?

Paleonola is a high-quality, grain free and incredible tasting granola that is made simply with nuts, seeds, dried fruits and coconut. It’s 100% organic; does not contain preservatives, completely vegetarian and dairy free. Unlike traditional granola, it is not loaded with heavy carbs and sugars. Instead, Paleonola’s nutrient-dense ingredients and healthy fats will provide you with long-lasting energy that fuels your body to perform better while on the trail and/or doing other activities.

I’m not a paleo-diet follower, however, due to type-2 diabetes, which I was diagnosed with 9 years ago, I need to watch my carbs. I was ready to give up granola forever, but fortunately I found Paleonola, and literally fell in love with it from the first bite.

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With the perfect level of sweetness, chewy texture and a small amount of crunch, Paleonola is a really delicious and healthy alternative to cereals. I like it mixed with Greek yogurt or almond milk for breakfast, just grabbed from the bag for a snack, or as a topping on roasted fruits and berries for a low-carb dessert.

Flavor options

The Original, Chocolate Fix, Maple Pancake, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Blueberry Cinnamon and Piña Colada. I’ve tried six of them, but I cannot highlight only one that I like the most. Paleonola is just too good to stop at one flavor. All of them taste really great!

paleonola grain-free granola


The story behind

Just as with Trail Recipes, Paleonola was created by a husband and wife duo.  Inspired by a change needed in both of their lives, Dinos and Katelyn started the company shortly after getting married. Although their journey into the paleosphere began much earlier.

Being a professional hockey player and dedicated athlete, Dinos was constantly looking for the best methods of training and eating. Then he started to implement the paleo lifestyle into his everyday routine. The more Katelyn and Dinos learned about the importance of good quality food, the more picky they became. After searching in vain for healthy snacks that only contain simple, all-natural ingredients, they decided to create their own. Being an avid baker, Katelyn started testing recipes at home. After much trial and error, Paleonola was born.

They are now bringing to market the most delicious grain-free granola. With growth and the expansion of their business they promise never to compromise on taste and quality and to deliver products that use only “what Mother Nature has given us.”

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