Backpacking Oatmeal: 5 Creative Variations

backpacking oatmeal variations

Oatmeal, probably,  is the most popular backpacker’s breakfast. But how to eat it every morning and do not get bored ? Be creative! Make your own blends with instant oats and combinations of dried fruits, berries, nuts, herbs and spices.
Flavour up your oatmeal every day in a different way. There are some combinations you may want to try.

Basic Oatmeal Recipe

You’ll need:
1/3 cup quick-cooking oats
2 tablespoons full cream milk powder (Nestle Nido)
Pinch of salt
1 teaspoon sugar

At home:
Mix oats, milk powder, salt and sugar in a zip-lock bag.

On the trail:
Bring 1/2 cup  water to a boil. Pour hot water into an oat mixture; stir well and let stand, covered, for  1 minute.

5 Backpacking Oatmeal Variations:

 1. Oatmeal + Peanut Butter+ Crunchy Granola
Prepare oatmeal according to the basic recipe. Stir in 1 tablespoon of peanut butter into cooked oatmeal. Sprinkle with crunchy nut granola to serve.

crunchy oatmeal

2. Oatmeal + Bacon + Honey 
Prepare oatmeal according to the basic recipe. Top with 2 slices of fried bacon and 1 teaspoon of honey.

oatmeal with bacon, backpacking breakfast recipes, camping breakfast

3. Oatmeal + Cherries + Dark Chocolate
Prepare oatmeal according to the basic recipe*.  Stir in 1 tablespoon of dried cherries into cooked oatmeal. Sprinkle with dark chocolate chips.

* – omit sugar from recipe

4. Oatmeal + Nutella + Hazelnuts
Prepare oatmeal according to the basic recipe*. Stir in 1 teaspoon of Nutella chocolate cream into cooked oatmeal; sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of toasted and chopped hazelnuts.

nutella oatmeal

5. Oatmeal + Cheese + Dried Apples + Rosemary
Mix  oats, milk powder, chopped dried apples and pinch of rosemary  in a zip-lock bag.
Bring 1/2 cup  water to  a boil. Pour hot water into oat mixture; stir well and let stand, covered, for  1 minute. Stir in 1 handfull of grated Cheddar or Parmesan cheese.

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