Making Your Own Instant Soups

instant soups, backpacking lunch ideas, trail recipes

  What could be better than a cup of hot soup on the trail, especially when the weather is cold and rainy? I do not know about you, but we have faced bad weather many times during our trips and on occasion, we’ve even been soaked clear through. After pitching a tent and changing into…

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Online Food Dehydrating Class

online food dehydrating class

We are pleased to announce the launch of our first Online Food Dehydrating Class. It’s a set of fully illustrated, comprehensive guides with step-by-step photographs. The course contains 30+ lessons with easy-to-follow instructions for dehydrating everything from fruit and vegetables to meat, fish, pasta and cooked grains. It also covers topics on how to safely pack…

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The Hiker’s Diet: Vitamins and Minerals

hiker's diet, vitamins and minerals, backpacking food ideas

Vitamins and minerals act as the body’s “spark plugs” for physical activity. Some help the body utilize the energy generated from carbohydrates, protein and fats, whereas others help the muscles to contract and relax. When someone doesn’t consume the proper vitamins, serious health problems can develop. Vitamin deficiencies may not show on the surface with…

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The Hiker’s Diet: Essential Nutrients

hiker's diet essential nutrients, backpacking food ideas, trail recipes

Hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts in general expend enormous amounts of energy just maintaining essential bodily functions during an outing. If they are not consuming sufficient nutrition to sustain their activity, the result will be an imbalance in energy, which will deplete the body. If you’re a hiker you need to replenish the energy you…

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10 Nutritious Gifts for Backpackers and Hikers

nutritious gifts for backpackers, hiking snacks

Surprise your family, friends and hiking buddies with beautifully made and truly useful gifts created right from your own kitchen. Try these great recipes at home for some very tasty edible gifts: 1. Cranberry Orange Granola Granola is an essential ingredient in many snacks, especially those meant for hiking or backpacking. 2. Date Pecan No-Bake Energy…

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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Trail Chefs and Gourmet Backpackers

holiday gift ideas for trail chefa and gourmet backpackers, trail recipes, backpackers gifts

Do you have friends or loved ones with a passion for the outdoors and good food? Wondering what to get them this Christmas? Below are some of our favorite tools and gadgets that might be a thoughtful gift for trail chefs and gourmet backpackers. 1.GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set 24 A must-have kit for all outdoor enthusiasts who…

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