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Dehydrating123: How To Dehydrate Mushrooms

dehydrating mushrooms

Dehydrating mushrooms is a great way to preserve them for long-term storage or later use in backpacking meals. They are extremely lightweight, nutritious and very easy to rehydrate. Dried mushrooms can be used in soups, stews, omelets, pasta and many other dishes. What mushrooms can be dried? You can dehydrate nearly all of edible mushrooms like,…

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Kovea Spider Stove Review

kovea spider stove review, backpacking stove, outdoor cooking gear review, remote canister stove

Efficient in low temperatures, the Kovea Spider (KB1109) is a lightweight, compact and relatively inexpensive remote canister stove, suitable for 4-season hiking and backpacking trips. It weights just 6 ounces (170g) and fits into a small carrying bag.

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Meal Planning for a Multi-Day Hiking Trip. Part II

meal planning for multi-day hiking trip

In the previous post, I described our approach for choosing “what to eat while on the trail” and shared our backpacking menu for a multi-day hiking trip in Sarek National Park. Further preparation and organizing food for an adventure in the great outdoors can be divided into several stages: 1. Creating a Grocery List &…

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Best Hiking Foods: Ghee

ghee, best hiking foods, making ghee step 8

Ghee is a healthy and nutritious product. It’s considered to be one of the best hiking foods, especially among ketogenic diet followers. What is really ghee and why it’s so good?  Well, here are the answers to all of those questions. What is ghee? Ghee is a clarified cow butter made by melting butter and skimming…

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Trangia Multi Disc Review

trangia multi disc review

The Trangia Multi-Purpose Disc is an extremely useful addition to your backcountry cooking set. If you are a backpacker who likes to spend time preparing food outdoors, then you’ll instantly know how handy this plastic disc could be.

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