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DIY Electrolyte Drink

DIY Electrolyte Drink. backpacking food ideas, keto backpacking

We lose a lot of water during long and intensive hikes due to increased body temperature and sweating. So-called electrolytes are important micronutrients that leave our body with sweat and other fluids. They play an important role in the functioning of our bodies, for example, they participate in muscular contractions and fluid exchange and regulate…

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DIY Portable Backpacking Oven

DIY Portable Backpacking Oven, trail baking, backcountry portable oven

For trail foodie as I am, the portable backpacking oven is not a luxury, it’s an absolutely must-have device. In addition to pies and breads I can make in it almost anything that can be prepared at home. By the way, it’s not necessary to buy special devices for baking on the trail. Using gear from your…

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We Just Turned Five

we just turned five, trail recipes birthday, 5th anniversary

We just turned five. Time flew by so fast. It seems like only yesterday we took the first steps in the world of backcountry cooking. And now Trail Recipes is one of the most popular sites on this topic, of course thanks to our readers. During these five years we have learned a lot. We’ve…

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