Trail Chef App

create your camping meal plan in minutes
with our mobile application!

* minimum requirements: iPhone 4, iOS 7
* optimized for iPhone 5

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Hiking, car-camping, or backpacking – no matter what kind of activity you prefer, every time when you’re planning next trip, the question is usually asked, “What am I going to eat?”

Trail Chef App will give you an easy and organized way to create a mouthwatering backpacking menu.
With over 60 trail-tested recipes and options to add your own customized food, you can prearrange your backpacking meals in categories, get their nutritional info and plan daily menu according to your activities! 

Trail Chef App is made to be your best travel companion no matter where you located in the world - it is designed to be still of use even without an internet connection!

Main features:

  • All recipes are available offline. No Internet connection needed
  • Conversion to metric or imperial units
  • Custom designed icons and infographics
  • Colourful pictures

Recipe catalog:

  • 60+ trail tested, easy-to-follow recipes
  • Special recipe categories: lightweight, vegetarian, one-pot etc
  • Mark recipes as favourite to quickly add them to a plan
  • “Add your own food&recipes” feature

Menu Planning Tool:

  • Meal planning by day, by physical activity level or daily caloric needs
  • Daily menu summary – weight of food and calorie density
  • Summary of the whole plan – total food weight, average number of calories, etc
  • Menu plan and “on-the-trail” cooking instructions export


What people are saying

Selbst kochen anstatt Tütenfutter! (Cook yourself instead of bag food!) ★★★★★

by fair.dinkum - Version - 2.0 - June 24, 2018

Wer von Tütenfutter die Nase voll hat und auch draußen gerne kocht, für den ist diese App genau das Richtige. (If you are fed up with bag food and like to cook outside, this app is just right for you).

You shouldn't settle for just Ramen Noodles  ★★★★★
by Justinbeiberfannevernevernever - Version - 2.0 - Oct 23, 2017

..and this app makes sure you don't have to. We now eat like kings in the backcountry. The jambalaya, polenta w/chorizo chips and others are simple enough for a non-chef like me to prepare and cook after a full day's hike.
Warning: the food is so good that your fellow hikers will name you grubmaster for each trip.

Nice app for delicious trail meals ★★★★
by cbatoo - Version - 2.0 - Aug 23, 2016

This app is tidy, simple to use and has a nice feature to plan meal (max 10 days). I love the recipes and how they are presented. The only cons if you want more recipes you have to pay in-app purchase.

Exactly what I needed ★★★★★
by Redkiraoooooa - Version - 2.0 - Mar 8, 2016

This is a great app for beginner backpackers on multi day treks. The food is great and exciting each day and there are a ton of options. Even if their recipes are not for you it will definitely give you a good idea of what is possible on the trail and more importantly, what's realistic.

Great ★★★★★
by Sliders919 - Version - 1.21 - Aug 13, 2015

Well laid out, great recipes, easy to use. Perfect. And most of the recipes needn't be saved for camping / trail trips.....some great ideas for quick and easy meals. Only complaint would be some of the non-international ingredients but they're easy enough to find a substitute.

by Ryan Rankin, The Amateur Outdoorsman Blog  - Aug 25, 2015

Along with working full time and my other responsibilities, if there’s a piece of gear that makes planning for a hike less time consuming, remove some of the stress, and adds to the overall enjoyment of my hike, then that’s something I would want to test out. And that’s exactly what the meal planning app by Trail.Recipes’s Trail Chef App does.

by Sierra Davis, Seattle Backpackers Magazine Author - Aug 4, 2015

Before using the app, I thought there was no way I wanted to incorporate anything digital into my backcountry experience. I hit the trail to get away from my phone and my email, and the last thing I want to do is bring them with me.

However, after getting more familiar with the app, I realized the bulk of its use occurs before you’re on the trail—and it proved extremely helpful in planning out what I would need to pack for each meal and, more importantly, what prep could be done at home to speed up meal time on the trail.  Read more...