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Day 7. Above the tree line

13.09. Distance: 10.6 km

Today's route did not premise the presence of a trail. But, thanks to the fact that we climbed above the line of trees and even bushes, it was quite easy to find our way.

sarek, autumn in sarek, rapadalen, rapa valley
sarek, reindeers, hiking in sweden

The weather was fine, we walked on a relatively flat surface, and several times along the way we encountered funny deer. Generally, it was a relaxing day. The mood was wonderful, we even sang songs. ☺

sarek national park
sarek national park, hiking in sweden, skierfe

But, the final part of the route was a bit more complicated. We could continue to walk on an even surface and go around the peak Suorkitjahkka (on the map marked in blue). But we deliberately decided to walk along the Ridok Ridge. The slope here is quite steep and in some places it was very unpleasant going. But, by taking this route you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire Lower Rapadalen.

sarek, rapadalen

A little further on we found a place to pitch our tent, a spot with a fantastic view of Namatj and the Skjerfe cliff. However, we had to go quite a distance to find water. But, as usual, we were helped a lot by our Sea to Summit Portable Kitchen Sink.

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Sarek diaries

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