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Day 6. Rapadalen

12.09. Rapadalen. Distance: 11.5 km

Rain and wind raged all the night. Just after 9 o'clock in the morning the lumens started to appear in the clouds. Without wasting time, we began to hang our things to dry them at least a little. Finally, the weather more or less improved, and we were able to continue our journey.

wild camping in Rapadalen, hiking in sarek
rapadalen, hiking in sarek, sarek trip report

Yesterday's "streams" dried up a bit and again began to resemble a path. However, the trail disappeared in some places. Now, it became even harder to find a path in a dense forest.

Rapadalen is covered with dense vegetation and it’s quite difficult to move thought it. But we were lucky, because most of the leaves in the lowlands had already fallen – the autumn has come to Sarek.

sarek in september
sarek national park, rapadalen

There were many swampy areas In the valley, so soon our boots were soaked through again.


The last part of today's route was in full off-road mode. The distance was not long, but we expended a lot of force. As an option, we thought about staying in a hut. However, it was ruined and completely unsuitable for overnight accommodation, so we continued our way upward.

Finally, our efforts were rewarded. The weather still was nice and we were able to pitch a tent with a beautiful view to Rapadalen valley. What an awesome place!

sarek diaries day 6, Rapadalen
sarek trip report day 6, sarek diaries

Sarek diaries

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