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Day 2. To the foot of the three giants

08.09. Kutjaure - Nijak. Distance: 11.5 km

This was the day we had planned to walk towards the Nijak Mountain. The trail starts from the point "where three parks meet" and further extends along the river.

Three parks
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There are a lot of nice places for campsite at the beginning of the route, with excellent views of the valley and the mountains, Ahkka and Gisuris, although we were not able to see them over the low clouds lining the sky.


The trail though was clearly visible nearly the entire way. Quite often, we had to cross both large and small swamps. But as we got closer to Gisuris, the trail began to disappear. As a result, we did not even notice how we missed the Kisurisskatan shelter.

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The weather in Kutjaure, as promised, did improve, but we had left there already. However, the tops of Ahkka and Nijak were still hidden by the shroud of clouds.

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Sarek diaries

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