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lightweight meal plan what we've used in our trips

backpacking meal planner, backpacking menu

meal planning tips

know how to get food arranged for a multi-day trip

backpacking stove insta 2

camp kitchen

gear we use in our wilderness adventures

dehydrating citrus fruits, how to dehydrate citrus fruits step 2

dehydrating 123

step-by-step guides on food dehydrating


Good food for outdoor adventures

100+ lightweight,  trail-tested recipes for everything from snacks to desserts 

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What our visitiors say

I'm really impressed by the content quality on this one of a kind website. Aiming at sharing everything you need to know to become a chef on the trail, and they nailed it! Keep up the good work, I hope you will get more recognition and manage to grow your audience. It's really worth it.


Amazing recipes fro the trail and innovative new ideas


I love the recipes they are easy to make and they show you how to do a lot of the things at home, in example how to make ghee.


Thank you for all of the recipes here! They look amazing and your photos (and layout) are beautiful.


Hey! Thank you so much for this site, it’s awesome.


Just come across your site after looking around for dehydrated recipes so I can make some lovely, healthy meals when out camping. Lovely site and very well put together


I’m glad that i stumbled on this site… i am prepping meals for a spring hike… ….getting a lot of good ideas!