10 Nutritious Gifts for Backpackers and Hikers

nutritious gifts for backpackers, hiking snacks

Surprise your family, friends and hiking buddies with beautifully made and truly useful gifts created right from your own kitchen. Try these great recipes at home for some very tasty edible gifts: 1. Cranberry Orange Granola Granola is an essential ingredient in many snacks, especially those meant for hiking or backpacking. 2. Date Pecan No-Bake Energy…

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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Trail Chefs and Gourmet Backpackers

holiday gift ideas for trail chefa and gourmet backpackers, trail recipes, backpackers gifts

Do you have friends or loved ones with a passion for the outdoors and good food? Wondering what to get them this Christmas? Below are some of our favorite tools and gadgets that might be a thoughtful gift for trail chefs and gourmet backpackers. 1.GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set 24 A must-have kit for all outdoor enthusiasts who…

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Taste Test: Heather’s Choice Dehydrated Meals

heather's choice packaroons

For our hikes we usually cook and dehydrate the food ourselves. But when I heard about Heather’s Choice products, I really wanted to try them out. Firstly, I was attracted by the unusual names of the meals and the ingredients. Secondly, they were created by a professional in the field of sports nutrition and highly…

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Sarek Diaries Day 9: Final

Sarek diaries day 9, Sitojaure, kungsleden

Sarek diaries Day 9. Final 15.09. Distance: 19.9 km The night was cold, the water in the kitchen sink we left outside had frozen. But fortunately, we could spend the night in a small hut, which in summer serves as a local shop. Quickly collecting our things, we went ashore, hoping to soon see the…

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Sarek Diaries Day 8: Back to Kungsleden

back to kungsleden, sarek diaries day 8

Sarek diaries Day 8. Back to Kungsleden 14.09. Distance: 21.2 km This day turned out to be the richest in terms of impressions and excitement. Our morning, as usual, started with a cup of coffee and a wonderful view. However, the first stage of the road already brought its own set of difficulties. When we…

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Dehydrating123: How to Make Instant Hummus

dehydrated hummus, dehydrating123

Hummus has become a favorite no-cook food for hikers over the last few years and there is a reason for this. This rich and creamy dip made from chickpeas, sesame and garlic is absolutely delicious and loaded full with essential nutrients. It is an excellent source of protein, good carbs, fiber, minerals and B-group vitamins.…

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